UVCOOL Perfectly Cool Your Roof


When daylight in a district tropical, outdoor temperature range 33-34 degrees Celsius. This is the temperature of the earth to the effects of convection heat of the sun. However, if the sun light on an object, then the object will reflect sunlight while absorbing the sun's heat. This is because the sun is also an electromagnetic wave. 

  Reflectivity of an object to sunlight called Bounce Power and Solar Reflectance Index is expressed as (SRI) is worth 1-100. Objects that have bright colors have SRI greater than dark objects. The white color wall paint made from calcium carbonate only have value SRI 75. While UVCOOL with special formula has a SRI of 100, meaning UVCOOL Paint coatings capable of reflecting 100% of the sun light as electromagnetic waves and only absorbs heat from the ambient temperature. Formula UVCOOL also designed for a variety of media ranging Zinc, iron, wall, cement concrete, polycarbonate etc..UVCOOL water soluble and must not be diluted, especially for new media that does not yet rusted. As for the media will be provided UVCOOL rusty oil solvent.UVCOOL designed as all kinds of roof coatings for tropical regions that can last more than 7 years and will help to cool your home, office, factory at once will save electrical energy and improves work efficiency.

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